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You will anticipate the expectations of your Chinese visitors

Chinese culture and the expectations of a Chinese visitor are very specific. The wealthiest Chinese tourists are very attentive to the culture of the country they visit. The alliance between a Western welcome and Chinese tradition is therefore essential to better know how to welcome and better serve these visitors with a single watchword: excellence!

To allow you to develop your skills and results, we provide you with the most relevant elements and dedicated training.

With our dual culture and field experience, we master perfectly this topic and will help you develop your knowledge.

Chinese culture

La Chine est une civilisation ancienne âgée de plus de 5,000 ans. La culture chinoise présente une abondance de valeurs matérielles et spirituelles, inchangées au fil des millénaires. La Chine a subi une transformation rapide et intense au cours des 50 dernières années. Elle est aujourd’hui un mélange de traditions de l'Ancien Monde et d'un mode de vie occidentalisé.

We will help you understand Chinese culture through the key periods that have marked its history.

Understanding the Chinese clientele

China has become the world's leading luxury market in just a few years. If since 2019, the Covid 19 health crisis has prevented Chinese tourists from travelling, we must be ready to welcome them again.

The Chinese clientele has evolved enormously in recent years. Their consumption habits are hanging, and they are more and more demanding down to the smallest detail.

Requirements and expectations

It is essential to know the codes of Chinese etiquette. Respecting and applying these values will allow you to anticipate their desires and needs. These subtleties and specificities will be solid assets to adapt your sales arguments and services.

Service and welcome

Our long experience alongside these demanding customers allows us today to accompany you in the creation of unique and magical moments. Serving and welcoming a Chinese customer requires imagination, sincerity and audacity. Our dual culture allows us to touch them differently and to mark their memory. Creating tailor-made experiences, living a suspended moment, pleasure is priceless for these important customers.

We will teach you how to convey the right emotions and convince them that you are the best choice.

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